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A Stranger-than-ficton Truth Made Even Stranger by Stretching

I enjoy the Fork Party blog, but I did see the need to point out a couple of errors on their 15 most extreme rock musicians post. Here is what I said:

I've actually done some research regarding the band Mayhem as they provided inspiration for a story originally written by a friend that I have been working on revising. I must point out that your assessment that Euronymous only knew Dead for two weeks is "dead" wrong. It was closer to two years. Even looking at Wikipedia will help confirm that your statement was incorrect. As well, Euronymous was the only person involved with the discovery of Dead's body and is the sole individual responsible for taking pictures thereof. Drummer Hellhammer (Jan-Axel von Blomberg) was visiting his parents at the time, and bassist Necrobutcher (Jörn Stubberud) was on hiatus from the band and did not find out about the death until Euronymous called to inform him. Stubberud is on record as telling Euronymous not to contact him again until he had gotten rid of the pictures.
I am not denying that Dead and Euronymous have earned their place on a list of extreme rock musicians, I am only pointing out that some of the facts listed are not indeed factual.
One more thing: Dead committed suicide on April 8, 1991. Euronymous was murdered on August 10, 1993. So if they moved to a cabin in the woods in 1994, they had a zombie party going on, and I hope that Dead kicked Euronymous' ass for taking those damn pictures. I have stumbled across the one that some apathetic moron used to create the cover for the bootleg album "Dawn of the Black Hearts," and I would like to open a can of Whoop Ass on both said apathetic moron and Euronymous for subjecting me to that miserable image.

a FB friend's daughter AUDRIN KING. Her 2 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Please send positive energy/blessings.

Friday, July 16, 2010

In memory of every cancer patient who lost the battle w/cancer & those who continue to fight! Post if you know/knew someone w/cancer.

Buck Angel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Its hard to kick one's ass back into writing when life in general is being discouraging and stressful. writersblock

Weather in the Boulder area for the next three days: hot and shitty with a good chance of a pissy front moving in.

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Aunt Rosie's Garden of Horrors: Shame on Aunt Rosie

Aunt Rosie's Garden of Horrors: Buck Angel and Ignorance Towards the Transgendered

Buck Angel and Ignorance Towards the Transgendered

This is Buck Angel. He is a famous transgender adult film star. He is also a very nice person. He cares about other people and he cares about animals. That should be what counts the most. But people can't live and let live. Buck is always coming under attack, and not just from ignorant right-wing bible-thumpin' intolerants. He has also come under attack from the adult film community, and surprisingly, from lesbians, who thought that he was betraying them when he began his journey to becoming a man.
This blog gives a perfect example of this sort of attack.
But Buck was not betraying anybody. He was simply being true to himself.

This was my answer to the blog post above.

Buck is not, nor was he ever, a "Butch," or even a lesbian. He is a person who was born a woman but always felt like he was supposed to be a man. One could properly refer to him as a trans man.
I'm not really into pornography, I just like Buck because he's a kind and caring human being. He isn't a threat to womankind, and he isn't punishing himself by having gotten a gender change. He was being true to himself.
I think you need to take another look at the situation.

Only Buck can answer the question of why he chose gender reassignment. I for one believe it is because he felt that he should have been born a man. Why do other people feel the need to judge so harshly a person who is simply living the life that he feels is right for him?
I'm a woman who has always been fine with being a woman. And I'm in Buck's corner all the way on this.

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Hey kids! It's been awhile! Editor is done with 1st edit of 2nd 1/2 of book and hopefully we'll have it to press by end of August!