Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Dumb Double Standard

"Lesbians are hot but gay dudes are gross."
Most often spoken by adolescent minded straight guys whose homophobic parents told them that gay is gross.
But Bisexual Guy tells it better than I can!
Here's my response to his post about the subject.
The double standard is so, so, so ridiculous. Neither is gross, and as a straight woman, the two guys kissing was hotter to me! Besides, Adam Lambert is a real genuine gay dude. Britney Spears and Madonna? I don't know if either of them actually has any bisexual leanings, but I call lesbian for the camera on that one.
I get so burned up when guys talk about how hot lesbian porn is but then decry gay male porn as "gross." I tell them that they don't have to like it, but is no more gross than either lesbian or straight sex. Also, grow the fuck up!
I also love how films, in the United States at least, try to be ever so titillating (see what I did there?) with their female nudity, but show a penis and it's all shocking and immoral and getting an NC-17 rating slapped on it!