Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aunt Rose on Michael Vick having a Dog: Are You Insane?

There are some who believe that Michael Vick, a man convicted of involvement in the cruel and brutal "sport" of dog fighting,  is "rehabilitated" and should be allowed to have a dog. I do not believe that individuals who commit crimes such as Vick's can ever truly be rehabilitated, and I fear for the safety of any dog that he would be allowed to adopt.
I am appalled that Vick is still earning millions playing for the NFL while decent people struggle to earn a few dollars in today's terrible economy. I also do not believe that ANYONE who has committed the type of crime that Vick committed should be allowed to have ANY kind of pet again EVER! This is not a person who out of ignorance or due to poverty kept an animal in less than ideal conditions. This is someone who deliberately and with malicious intent harmed animals.
Should Michael Vick be allowed to have any pet again ever? If you ask me, the answer is HELL NO!