Monday, January 17, 2011

Suicide: It's Not Painless

The great thing about youth is the passion. The problem with youth is the lack of wisdom. These two elements combined are the reason that so many young people commit suicide. 
The great thing about age is the lessons learned, aka wisdom. The problem with age is the inability to see a brighter future due to becoming jaded. These two elements combined are the reason that so many older people commit suicide.
Kelly Harker feels that perfectionism ties into suicidal behavior. Here is her essay.
People who make statements that those who commit suicide are selfish or stupid are ignorant of the reality. Suicide happens when a person feels so empty and hopeless that they can see no other way than ending their anguish. 
It is true that mental illness contributes to the possibility that a person will complete a suicide. But it is a false assumption that all persons who are mentally ill are also suicidal, although people with mood disorders are more given to suicide ideation.
Suicide ideation is different from suicide planning. There are days when I have suicide ideation but no thought of actually completing it. Some days the thought of completing it is there too. I have reasons why I don't but sometimes it's hard to keep talking myself out of it.
With six billion people in the world it seems we could always find someone to talk to. But that is a fallacy. So many things divide us. Religion, nationality, social class, all these things keep us apart from one another.
Iam...we very alone.